“Tango” (a generic name of place including Ine, Amanohashidate, Yuhigaura and so on) has beautiful nature and deep culture.

We’d introduce a splendor in Tango and suggest the best way to enjoy Tango as a local guide.

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A Scene in “Ine Short Ride Tour”

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” Can even beginner enjoy the Cycling Tour ?”

⇒ Of course Yes. There are 2 reasons.

  1. We use the latest e-BIKE “YAMAHA PAS Brace” which has the strongest power (2/3 power is assisted) and longest cruising range (over 60km). Actually many old and young men and women had joined our tour, but everyone is surprised at its comfortableness.
  2. A guide who is familiar with terrain and cycling attends you. We’d guide you on the suitable way and take a rest considering your conditions. Moreover if you exceed your limit, you can give up the cycling in anyplace. ( You can abandon the bicycle and get bus, while we hope not so…)

” What should we do with our baggage ? “

⇒ ( in case of a day trip ) There is coin-locker in Amanohashidate Station and Ine tourist information center.

⇒ ( in case of staying in Ine or Ukawa hot spring ) We can transport your baggage to your hotel in Ine.

I’m afraid to arrive late or too early…”

⇒ No problem, this is private tour, so we can arrange starting and ending time.